Hi! I'm gleeby (really Mitch).



what does a gleeby do??? communities
I tell stories!
In 2005, I discovered the South Sound Story Guild from their old Olympia Storytellers Guild. My new friend Rebecca Hom and the rest of the group encouraged me to tell stories from the beginning. I recorded a few early on, but haven't been so diligent recently. I have audio from the early days and a couple youtube videos from the last year or two. Assuming my nephews will be around to record, I'll have more available this year.
my YouTube channel (official portfolio?)
my 'other' YouTube channel (experiments/drafts/fun)
Uncle Gleeby's Stories - Audio
I keep a blog!
Not often, but relatively regularly. When I was growing up as a young Mormon in the 1970's and 80's, I came away with a simple daily essentials list of praying, reading the scriptures and writing in your journal. So I have disjointed journals from as far back as when I was 8. Theses are all handwritten paper journals or typed and printed notebooks. After I got married in 1999, I discovered LiveJournal, and set up an account there. I found a better solution in Blogger a couple years later and migrated the journals there. Though these have been public for several years, I've never had anyone comment on the entries, but I still write. Writing helps me think stuff out. I can almost promise you'll be bored if you read my blogs, but I keep writing anyway. If you happen upon these blogs and leave a comment, I'm not sure what I'd actually do. One day, I might actually pick an audience to write to, but for now, it's just some future friend or family member.
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